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Matches Played

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VSDCA:South/East 3rd XI
VSDCA:South/East 4th XI
VSDCA:J G Craig Under 15 South Group
SECA:SECA Fri North U14B
SECA:SECA Fri North U14C
SECA:SECA Sat North U12B
SECA:SECA Sat North Rookies
SECA:SECA Sat North Rookies1
VSDCA:T20 Twilight 2018/2019
VSDCA:South/West 1st XI
VSDCA:South/West 2nd XI
1 O'Shea, Bradley M00000000010
2 Bourke, Timothy P00000000001
3 Gorman, Joshua M00000000010
4 Cooper, Ben N00000000001
5 McGorian, Andrew W00000000010
6 Fraine, Adam01000000000
7 Christiansen, Cameron K00000000010
8 Hammer, Bryan T10000000000
9 Jackson, Steven R00000000001
10 Marks, Bradley A00000000001
11 Dunnachie, John D01000000000
12 Shimell, Matthew M00000000010
13 Earp, James E00000000001
14 Dunstan, Mark J10000000000
15 Couzens, Nigel C10000000000
16 Chisholm, Andrew R01000000000
17 Long, William N00000000010
18 Baker, Lachlan S00000000010
19 Rzechorzek, Conrad S10000000000
20 Sinclair, Callum G00000000010
21 Bennett, Hugh R00000000001
22 Foley, Thomas H10000000000
23 Crowley, Tiernan E10000000000
24 Smith, William B00000000010
25 Teloniatis, Steven01000000000
26 Steele, Andrew D10000000000
27 Bennett, Henry W00000000001
28 Hall, Jackson B00000000001
29 Brierly, Fraser D00000000001
30 Prabhu, Tanish01000000000
31 McIlroy, Seamus C10000000000
32 Nethercott, Max F00000000001
33 Gorman, Patrick J00000000001
34 Riddle, Clayton C10000000000
35 Crowley, Tadhg01000000000
36 Homberg, Patrick10000000000
37 Gorman, Luke00000000010
38 McConchie, Morris01000000000
39 Portelli, Noah01000000000
40 Derricks, Brody01000000000
41 Portelli, Angelo01000000000
42 Fonda, Timothy G01000000000
43 Stirling, Madeleine L10000000000
44 Felton, Rhys A01000000000
45 Chhabra, Rizul00000000010
46 Stirling, Benjamin D10000000000
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