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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
11233094151264082605801123Andrew R ChisholmElsternwick2017/2018South/East 4th XI4 1Caulfield
21083094151264082605814108*Andrew R ChisholmElsternwick2017/2018South/East 4th XI6 1Noble Park
389316404126408260501589William N LongElsternwick2017/2018South/East 2nd XI4 1Caulfield
481295410126408260493481Cameron K ChristiansenElsternwick2017/2018South/East 1st XI6 1Croydon
572301838126408260538372Steven R JacksonElsternwick2017/2018South/East 3rd XI4 1Caulfield
662301843126408260499462Bradley A MarksElsternwick2017/2018South/East 2nd XI1 1Endeavour Hills
75888812126408260490658Timothy P BourkeElsternwick2017/2018South/East 1st XI2 1Mt Waverley
857316404126408260490657*William N LongElsternwick2017/2018South/East 1st XI2 2Mt Waverley
95453315126408260490654Samuel W GrovesElsternwick2017/2018South/East 1st XI2 1Mt Waverley
1054335530126408260489954Lachlan S BakerElsternwick2017/2018South/East 1st XI1 1Endeavour Hills
1153301851126408260538353John D DunnachieElsternwick2017/2018South/East 3rd XI4 1Caulfield
1252301851126408260582852*John D DunnachieElsternwick2017/2018South/East 4th XI8 1Croydon
1351336808126408260590051Lincoln J EdwardsElsternwick2017/2018T20 Twilight 2017/20182 1Moorabbin
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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