Junior Boys




Elsternwick Cricket Club is affiliated with the South East Cricket Association (SECA) for its junior boys competitions.  The SECA runs senior and junior competitions, primarily on synthetic wickets.  The majority of clubs affiliated with the SECA are based in the cities of Bayside, Glen Eira and Kingston.


Match Schedule


Elsternwick fields teams in the SECA Rookies, U12, U14 and U16 grades, with games played either on Friday evenings or Saturday mornings from October through to March.  Saturday games are played officially between 8.45 and 11.15 (two-day games) and 8.15 and 11.30 (one-day games).  Friday evening games are played between 4.30 and 7.00pm, however games can and often do start later by mutual agreement between the two teams to accommodate travel times.


Player Eligibility


Although primarily a boys competition, the competition is open to both boys and girls.

Age group eligibility is determined for boys, by their age at 1 September in the year the competition commences e.g. for the 2013/14 season a player turning 12 on 31 August 2013 will play in U14, whereas a player turning 12 on 1 September 2013 is eligible to play in U12.


A two-year dispensation is applied for girls i.e. a girl who would be playing U16 when applying the boy’s criteria can play up to 2 years below, in this case U14.


Minimum age - in the interests of safety players must have turned 8 before being able to play in the SECA competition.


Selection, Participation and Codes of Conduct


Elsternwick strives to select junior players in teams that are appropriate considering age, ability and friendship groups.  The SECA is a graded competition and parents and players are encouraged to be flexible with grading as it is often difficult to balance these competing interests.


The junior club has also adopted a Code of Conduct to assist parents and players to understand the principles by which the junior club operates.


The Junior Fair Go Policy and Code of Conduct can be viewed via the Juniors menu.




Elsternwick Cricket Club is committed to developing the skills and cricket knowledge of our junior players.  Our preferred coaching structure employs experienced coaches for each age group who are supported by younger coaches for each team.  All coaches are paid.


The Age Group Coaches are qualified cricket coaches and usually are senior players at the club.  The aim of having coaches accredited is to improve the playing experience of the players knowing they are being taught by a qualified coach.


The Team Coaches are generally younger coaches who are just completing or have recently completed their junior cricket career.  The primary function of the Team Coach is to support the Team Manager on game day with their cricket knowledge and also to provide mentoring and encouragement to the players.  Please note as the Team Coaches are generally younger men, we do not expect them to be able to provide the skills development and direction that an adult can.  This is the responsibility of the Age Group Coaches.


Coaches can complete the Introduction to Coaching course online and the sub-committee highly recommends all coaches for the coming season complete this on-line course if they haven’t already done so.  The link to the course is: -


Elsternwick CC is proud of its coaching program and believes it assists in the development of both the players and coaches themselves.  The club hopes parents see the benefit of the program and ask that they do not have unrealistic expectations of the Team Coaches’ role on game day.


Guidelines Around Weather Impacted Games


Games can be impacted, delayed or abandoned due to adverse weather conditions, generally either rain or excessive heat.  Excessive Heat is defined as any time the temperature reaches 37 degrees, the temperature being determined by calling the Bureau of Meteorology hotline on 1196 and utilising the temperature in Moorabbin.


A day’s play may be abandoned in any of the following situations: -

By decision of the SECA.  This is uncommon and is seen as a last resort by the SECA as their preference is to play games where possible.  However, if the Bureau of Meteorology is forecasting poor conditions over the playing period (Friday nights and Saturday mornings) the SECA will on occasions cancel the scheduled play and will post this decision on their website on a Friday evening.

By mutual agreement of the 2 teams.  This can happen at any time before the scheduled start of play, however due to difficulties in making contact with the opposition Team Manager, and also the variability of weather across the region, this agreement is most commonly made at the ground in the 30 minutes before the game’s scheduled commencement.


Player Attendance

A team must have at least 7 players to play.  If play has not been abandoned prior to commencement, at least 7 players must be present at the starting time to qualify the team as being available for the match.