Guidelines Around Weather Impacted Games


Games can be impacted, delayed or abandoned due to adverse weather conditions, generally either rain or excessive heat.

Excessive Heat is defined as any time the temperature reaches 37 degrees, the temperature being determined by calling the Bureau of Meteorology hotline on 1196 and utilising the temperature in Moorabbin.

A day’s play may be abandoned in any of the following situations: -

  • By decision of the SECA. This is uncommon and is seen as a last resort by the SECA as their preference is to play games where possible.  However if the weather is reliably forecasting poor conditions over the playing period (Friday nights and Saturday mornings) the SECA will on occasions cancel the scheduled play and will post this decision on their website on a Friday evening.
  • In any game where play is interrupted or the commencement of play is delayed, for a cumulative total of more than 30 minutes.
  • By mutual agreement of the 2 teams.  This can happen at any time before the scheduled start of play, however due to difficulties in making contact with the opposition Manager, and also the variability of weather across the region, this agreement is most commonly made at the ground in the 30 minutes before the games scheduled commencement.

Players Attendance

A team must have at least 7 players to play.


Games are designated to commence at 8.15am for a 1-day game and 8.45am for a 2-day game.  Consequently if play has not been abandoned prior to commencement, at least 7 players must be present at the starting time to qualify the team as being available for the match.


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