Senior Match Reporting Requirements



The VSDCA requires timely reporting of match information by telephone and on the MyCricket system from its member clubs.  Fines apply if the timelines listed below are not achieved.  Team captains are required to ensure all tasks are completed within the timelines listed.

Team Selection

Players must be allocated to teams in MyCricket by 10.00 pm on the night prior to the commencement of a game.

Phoning of Scores

Home clubs must phone scores through to Peter Flack on 9467 1118 by 7:00pm or within 30 minutes of the completion of the days play.

Information to be provided as follows: -

  • Grade and Group
  • Team scores
  • Batting - Individual scores of 50 +
  • Bowling – Individual wickets of 5 + and hat-tricks

Clubs must phone through scores for called off matches on report to ground days.  Scores are not required to be called through if the VSDCA calls off the round.

Scorecard Entry

Scores and scorecards for the day’s play must be entered online through the MyCricket system by 9:00 pm on the day of play.

For all grades, scorecards must be confirmed or disputed by 8:00 pm on the Monday following the conclusion of the match.

If after an initial breach of timelines, clubs have until 8:00 pm the following Wednesday to correct the breach or further fines will apply.

Captains Report on Umpires & Pitch Rating

Each club shall enter into the My Cricket system the Captain’s Report on Umpires (which shall include reports on club umpires) and Captain’s Pitch Rating by 8:00 pm on the Monday after the conclusion of each match.


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