Junior Development


There are opportunities for junior players to receive coaching independent of what is offered at official junior training sessions.  There are several commercial entities that run cricket camps during school holidays and offer private coaching at other times.  Web links for the two best known organisations are provided below: -


Australian Sports Camps

International Sports Camps

Shawn Brown’s Cricket Coaching


Some of the senior players at the club occasionally provide private coaching for individuals and run school holiday cricket camps for groups of players.  Details of any coaching opportunities and planned camps will be listed as a news item on the club website.


The club runs the Todd Squad program for promising juniors and younger senior players every year.  These winter coaching sessions at conducted at Cricket Victoria’s Citipower Centre at the Junction Oval utilising senior coaching staff.  Junior team managers will assist in identifying suitable juniors to participate in the program.


The club is also working toward implementing a mentor program where junior players are invited to skill specific sessions with coaching from senior players.  These sessions will be open to all junior players who wish to work on developing their cricket skills.  Further details to follow.