Elsternwick Park


Elsternwick Park is the home of Elsternwick Cricket Club and is located approximately 10km south east of the Melbourne CBD.  The park is well serviced by public transport with trains, trams and buses all in close proximity to the ground.  This makes it very convenient for senior players working and living in almost any part of metropolitan Melbourne to attend training and matches.


The park is split by Bent Avenue into north and south sections.  In the North section there is a bowling club, tennis courts and open parkland (formerly a nine-hole golf course).  There are two ovals in the north section of the park with turf wickets and a synthetic practice facility that the club uses in the summer season.



Elsternwick Park Main Oval is used for 1st & 2nd XI matches and was subject to a 6.4M redevelopment in 2018.



The Holmes-Todd Oval was redeveloped in 2019 and is used by the 3rd and 4th XI.   The club’s synthetic practice facility was reconstructed in 2018 and is adjacent to the Holmes-Todd Oval.  Having two ovals side by side is a great benefit for the club as players can watch both games at once and socialise easily after matches.  The recent redevelopment of the two ovals and pavilions means the club has facilities the envy of every club in Melbourne.



There are also two ovals in the south section of the park with synthetic wickets which the junior section of the club uses.  The southern section of the park also has a lake, board walk, large playground and skate bowl.