Fantasy League Rules

The Fantasy League lets every player in the club play the role of Chairman of Selectors, and pit your selection skills against everyone else in the club.
You must pick your team that conforms to certain restrictions such as salary cap and player types as detailed below.
Your team earns points according to those allocated as part of the club championship points criteria setup by your club.
The team with the most number of points at the end of the Fantasy season is the winner!

Club specifics Cost for Season Two will be $10. If you would like to participate but not pay thats fine, you will be ineligible for any winnings. 40% of the pool will go to first place with 10% going to 2nd and $5 to 3rd. The remaining money raised will go directly into the 'ride on roller' fund to improve the quality of our facilities.

Please make payments to Cameron Christiansen by the end of January.

Apologies for those who are not they type of player they thought they were (i.e. batsmen rather than
Competition Start Date (dd/mm/yyyy) Wednesday 5 January 2011
Competition End Date (dd/mm/yyyy) Sunday 6 March 2011
Selection cut-off date (dd/mm/yyyy) Friday 14 January 2011
Number of batsmen per team 4
Number of bowlers per team 3
Number of keepers per team 1
Number of all-rounders per team 3
Salary Cap $110,000.00
All teams to include self False
Include Finals False

Points allocation
Runs1.00 Catches5.00
Unassisted Wickets (b, lbw)15.00 Assisted Wickets10.00
Unassisted Runouts15.00 Assisted Runouts10.00
100s0.00 50s0.00
Stumpings5.00 5 wkts in Innings 0.00
Not outs0.00

Weighting factors
VSDCA:South/West 1st XI 1.00
VSDCA:South/West 2nd XI 1.00
VSDCA:South/East 3rd XI 1.00
VSDCA:South/East 4th XI 1.00
VSDCA:T20 Twilight 2018/2019 1.00
VSDCA:J G Craig Under 15 South Group 1.00
SECA:SECA Fri North U14B 1.00
SECA:SECA Fri North U14C 1.00
SECA:SECA Sat North U12B 1.00
SECA:SECA Sat North Rookies 1.00
SECA:SECA Sat North Rookies 1.00

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